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Property developers


In the UAE, property development manpower supply presents numerous avenues for exploration. With its thriving real estate industry, the country demands skilled labour across various aspects of property development. Some important considerations include the diverse population, including a substantial expatriate community, which provides a pool of manpower with diverse skill sets.

Adherence to local labour laws governing the employment of foreign workers is crucial. Engaging reputable recruitment agencies like Dulsco can facilitate the search for qualified candidates.  At Dulsco, we are dedicated to providing solutions that impact the environment. For Property Developers, our team offers environmental services like Municipal and Commercial Waste Management, Hazardous & Medical Waste Management, Waste Treatment, Processing and Recycling, and Environmental Education and Awareness.Training and skill development programs may be considered to address specific skill gaps. Contract labour from UAE-based contracting companies can be beneficial for certain project phases. Compliance with labour laws and visa requirements is essential for ensuring the welfare and rights of workers. A meticulous approach, professional guidance, and clear guidelines are vital for a seamless process in sourcing manpower for property development ventures in the UAE.

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