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Govt. & Utilities


The UAE government is a major employer in the country and offers various opportunities across different ministries, departments, and agencies. These positions range from administrative roles to specialised positions in sectors like healthcare, education, infrastructure, defense, and more.
The utilities sector in the UAE includes companies involved in the provision of electricity, water, transport, telecommunications, waste management and other essential services. These organisations employ a significant number of professionals, including engineers, technicians, and administrators, to ensure the efficient operation and maintenance of utility services.

At Dulsco, our strategies for environmental sustainability for Government and Utilities include various services such as managing municipal and commercial waste, hazardous and medical waste management, providing industrial and marine cleaning, implementing waste treatment, processing, and recycling methods, along with promoting environmental education and awareness. All these efforts aim to foster a socially responsible and conscious environment.

Leveraging our expertise and breath of services, we meet client expectations across the govt.& utilities industry.

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