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In recent years, the aviation sector in the UAE has experienced remarkable growth, witnessing an increase in numerous major airlines, airports, and aviation-related businesses. To address the increasing demand for skilled professionals in this sector, the UAE relies on a combination of local talent and an international workforce. The UAE government has taken proactive measures to encourage Emiratis to pursue careers in the aviation industry. It has implemented various initiatives and programs that provide Emirati nationals with training and development opportunities, with the ultimate goal of enhancing their representation in this field. In addition to cultivating local talent, the UAE also seeks skilled professionals from around the world to meet the ever-growing needs of its aviation sector. The region places significant emphasis on the development and supply of manpower in its aviation sector. It aims to strike a balance between nurturing local talent and attracting skilled professionals from abroad in order to effectively address the industry’s expanding demands.

Dulsco People currently has over 5000 team members deployed in the aviation sector in the UAE which comprise of a diverse range of experts, including customer service, engineers, technicians, air traffic controllers, ground handling staff, management professionals and more.

Our team contributes its expertise to providing environmental solutions which include Municipal and Commercial Waste Management, Hazardous & Medical Waste Management, Waste Treatment, Processing and Recycling, and spreading Environmental Education and Awareness.

Leveraging our expertise and breath of services, we meet client expectations across the aviation industry.

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