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General Trading 

As the trading arm of Dulsco, we offer a range of innovative and award-winning equipment for use in the waste management and recycling industries. We represent some of the most reputable manufacturers from the U.K, Italy, Eastern Europe, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada and China to provide customized products suiting our customers' every waste and recycling need.

Waste Handling Equipment 

Balers from Bramidan

Whatever business you are in, we can give you advice and help you in finding the most efficient and profitable waste handling solution.

With balers from Bramidan you obtain durable and high quality equipment. Click for more details about balers from Bramidan

Recycling Consumables 

Envyrozone is committed to developing and building products that meet your complete recycling and landfill redirection program needs. Through dedicated research and in-house fabrication these products can be designed to meet all of your corporate waste management requirements. Read more



Envyrozone Recycling Units


Leafield's recycling bins offer great solutions for 'Recycling on the go' and are proving popular choices for their easy accessibility in public places. Read more

For a comprehensive portfolio of all our products please click here

Waste Containers 

Since 1975, Sellers have been the leaders in manufacturing waste containers in the United Kingdom. Their customized products aim to cater to the increasing waste and recycling needs of their clientele. All their products are manufactured in line with BS EN ISO 9000:2008 registration. Read more


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