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Tank Cleaning Services:

We provide tank cleaning services in the UAE for a number of clients.
From water tank cleaning to oil tank cleaning, Dulsco provides various tank cleaning services to residential, commercial and industrial areas. Even if you want the tank of your marine vessel anchored offshore cleaned, you can avail of our tank cleaning services, as we are experts in tank cleaning offshore jobs and follow international API and BSI standards
We currently serve:

Oil field and Petro-Chemical Companies:

  • Tank cleaning
  • Carbon and clay, filter and catalyst replacement
  • Cleaning of corroded and clogged pipelines
  • Marine vessels – tank cleaning offshore jobs and onshore jobs
  • Tank Cleaning (oil storage tanks, bilge water tanks, ballast tanks)
  • Removal and disposal of sludge
  • Oil Waste disposal
  • Spillage cleaning

Hotels and Residential Buildings:

  • Cleaning of tanks and pipelines

Industrial units and Workshops

  • Cleaning oil separator
  • Cleaning Liquid Industrial Waste Holding Tanks (Trade Waste)

Support Services for tank cleaning:

  • Foam pourer testing
  • Waste cement and other powder type material - removal and replacement
  • Low viscosity slurry, solid sludge and liquid sludge removal
  • Cleaning wash water recycling system filter elements for auto car washes
  • Replacing fasteners, gaskets and stud bolts
  • Neutralizing chemical storage tanks
Post tank cleaning, storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste to landfill and treatment facilities are carried out in compliance with the local laws and regulations.