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Health and Safety


HSE Training

We strive to avert fatalities, injuries, and illnesses that occur in the workplace. We accomplish this by collaborating with our employees to enhance their awareness of risks and equip them with the skills to mitigate them. As part of our efforts, we disseminate our vast knowledge in health and safety through a comprehensive array of training sessions and events.


HSE Campaigns

Safety campaigns have proven to be highly impactful in motivating employees and enhancing their awareness of personal safety and the well-being of others. When executed effectively, these campaigns enable employees to concentrate on productivity and teamwork, confident in the knowledge that their workplace is secure and devoid of hazards. Dulsco conducted a total of 80 campaigns in 2022, and we additionally commemorate QHSE Week annually to emphasise the significance of quality living, personal and family health and safety, and environmental protection.