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Recycling Services

Dulsco WMS plays a significant role in waste management recycling in the UAE. Our recycling initiatives are custom designed for various sectors, from corporate organizations, educational institutions to the community at large. In line with its commitment to the environment, we provide turnkey recycling initiatives like:

  • Collection and transport of recyclables
  • Provision of bins and related equipment
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Customized education and awareness programs

Dulsco introduced the 'Recycle to Regain' van that collects recyclables such as plastic, paper and cardboard, and tins and cans from residential and corporate communities. This prevents the degeneration of our surroundings by reducing the volume of waste that goes into landfills.

Managing recyclables

We deal with the following items and send them for recycling in the UAE:

  • Paper including newspaper and different types of cardboard and other waste paper
  • Plastic, which includes all kinds of plastic goods like plastic water bottles, containers, lids, etc
  • Cans / Metal comprising mainly of soft drink containers and used tins of food stuff
  • Glass comprising of bottles and jars of all types
  • Used Cooking Oil from restaurants and other food joints 
  • Used CFL bulbs and tubes


Dulsco’s recycling programme

We have one of the most robust Recycling programme in the UAE. Our four-pronged recycling programme is designed to suit your recycling needs:

  1. We custom design a recycling and waste management programme ideally suited to your organization.
  2. We conduct waste audit/analysis and then provide resources such as waste collection recycling bins and cages that are colour coded and transport the collected recyclables either in our own vehicles or entrust it to a sub contractor. Colour codes are:
    Paper – blue
    Plastic – green
    Cans – yellow
    Glass – red
  3. We assist you through implementing an ongoing education and awareness programme for your employees to be aware of recycling advantages, recycling policies, procedures, and goals.
  4. Every month we send you a consolidated report for the recyclables collected with all relevant data.

Dulsco’s recycling resources

Our recycling resources in the UAE include:

  • Colour coded bins of standard sizes
  • Custom-made bins for placement at particular sites
  • Colour coded cages made to Municipality guidelines and designed to allow easier collection and transport of the recyclables
  • Drums for used cooking oil
  • Our fleet of vehicles or a sub-contractor’s vehicles to transport recyclables

You can also approach Dulsco General Trading, our trading arm, for a range of innovative and award-winning equipment for waste management and recycling from some of the most reputable manufacturers of the U.K, Italy, Eastern Europe, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada and China.

Recycling Consumables

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