We are the most reliable partners in the region for scalability of service. People Solutions is elevating clients’ experience by serving people, places and spaces. We have an empowered workforce as we invest in our people, health, welfare and safety through:

• Centralised and well-defined processes
• Dedicated client relationship management
• Readily available talent pool with comprehensive infrastructure
• 100% compliance with WPS and MOHRE
• In-house teams for recruitment, QHSE, Training and Dulsco Training Academy (DTA)
• Companywide Employee Welfare and Talent management programmes

Our highest priority is to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses. We achieve this by working closely with our employees to help them understand workplace risks and how to manage them. This includes passing on extensive HSE knowledge through our vast training sessions and events. HSE Campaigns can be one of the most effective ways to educate employees and get them thinking more clearly about their own safety, as well as that of others, even resulting in an increase to productivity and teamwork in the workplace.

Dulsco Training Academy (DTA)
The Dulsco Training Academy is located at the Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub in Dubai South and spans 7,600 square meters.

The Academy trains drivers in a fully integrated environment on various industry group vehicles, such as: Airport buses, Minibuses, Motorcycles, Forklifts, Tugs, Tractors, Dollies and Cars.

The Academy aims to ensure the competency of drivers, improve their skills, and reduce incidents and accidents.

Dulsco has invested in initiatives such as Greenroads and Safety-First initiatives to increase safety and ensure everyone goes home safely every day.