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Mena’s growth surge presents talent sourcing challenges

23 May, 2024

Dulsco seeks multiple routes to channel human capital to key areas.

The MENA region’s remarkable growth presents a talent sourcing challenge for companies, especially in fields requiring specialised skills. According to a report by Zurich International Life in the Middle East, there’s a noticeable shortage of talent possessing essential skill sets for key positions. In the UAE and KSA alone, talent deficits stand at approximately 24% and 30%, respectively.


“It’s noteworthy that a significant majority of employers in both the countries, acknowledge the medium to substantial impact this talent shortage will have on their business operations,” David Stockton, CEO, Dulsco Group, said in an interview.


Established in 1935, Dulsco Group has evolved to become a leader in people, environment, talent and energy recruitment solutions providing solutions to government, businesses, and communities in over 70 countries. “Dulsco commenced operations focusing primarily on providing traditional workforce solutions and over the last decade, we’ve evolved by diversifying our services, branching out to encompass a broader spectrum of offerings,” Stockton said.


In 1996, Dulsco established an environmental management business. Dulsco Environment offers environment sustainability solutions, comprehensive waste management services and operations that include the collection, treatment, and disposal of municipal and commercial waste.


Dulsco Environment is a leading solutions provider for commercial, residential, and industrial clients, servicing 2,200+ clients and operates 250 vehicles. It has transformed significantly from a waste transporter to a waste treatment solutions provider, driven by the government’s sustainability focus and circular economy initiatives, alongside strategic, technology-driven directives from within the business itself.


In 2023, Dulsco Environment managed of over 1 million tonnes of waste, achieving more than 70% diversion from landfills. Its construction & demolition waste recycling facilities in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain recycled more than 500,000 tonnes of waste in 2023, averting over 4,500 tonnes of CO2e emissions. The liquid treatment facility in Jebel Ali complies with MARPOL standards, handled over 2,000 tonnes of material in 2023 therefore preserving more than 45,000 litres of water in the region. In addition to waste recycling, we are actively involved in Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) being relocated from Expo 2020 to DIC.


In more recent years, Dulsco has made key acquisitions. “In 2022, we acquired Parisima, a specialised talent acquisition company with offices in the UAE and KSA, offering Recruitment Process Outsourcing, Permanent Placement and Contract Staffing, throughout the GCC and beyond. We further strengthened our growth with the acquisition of Edinburgh-based Advance Global Recruitment Ltd (AGR) in 2023. AGR’s expertise in energy recruitment, coupled with its international presence in 70 countries, aligns perfectly with our growth objectives. This acquisition enhances our capabilities and global reach in this vital industry,” Stockton said.


Over the next few years, Dulsco plans continue to focus on a blend of organic and inorganic growth and look for companies and partners that can enhance our solutions in both new and existing markets. “Human capital has been and will remain the focus. We will continue with this strategy to identify opportunities within our other verticals as well as supporting our customers in their regional and global expansion needs. With our growth, the need to continually invest in talent is critical, and this will continue to be core for our existing employees and new people joining our businesses,” Stockton said.

Source: khaleejtimes