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Emerging Leaders in Waste & Recycling 2024

07 June, 2024

Joelle Saab is the Director of Recycling & Treatment at Dulsco Environment. In her current capacity, she not only established the sustainability team within the organisation but also actively oversees and optimises Dulsco’s waste treatment facilities across the UAE, while leading key sustainability initiatives. Her role extends far beyond guaranteeing operational efficiency but also ensuring customer satisfaction, solidifying Dulsco’s reputation as a trusted partner in environmental sustainability.


One of the most enriching experiences in her career was her involvement in the design, planning, and execution of waste management strategies for Expo 2020 Dubai. This endeavour exposed her to international best practices and allowed her to interact with people from diverse backgrounds whilst managing multi-million-dirham contracts with precision to uphold Dulsco Environment’s esteemed reputation on a global stage.


With 14 years of expertise, Saab has not only honed her skills in managing substantial budgets but has also demonstrated a remarkable ability to consistently maximize return on investment (ROI) across various sectors such as waste management & recycling, sustainability initiatives, project management, ecosystem restoration. Joelle’s track record speaks volumes about her proficiency in delivering tangible results.


In her role as Director of Recycling & Treatment, Saab seamlessly integrates her business acumen with strategic foresight, effectively laying the groundwork for sustainable success. Her astute decision-making and forward-thinking approach enable her to navigate complex challenges while capitalising on emerging opportunities.


Before her tenure at Dulsco Environment, Saab served as an Environmental Specialist, where she led various projects in collaboration with internationally recognised organisations such as the European Union (EU) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in Lebanon. Additionally, her proficiency in environmental sciences led her to share her insights through lectures at Saint Joseph University- Beirut.


Her passion for sustainable businesses traces back to her formative years when the spark of environmental custodianship was ignited during her university days while pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry/Life Science. Tasked with overseeing the seed bank laboratory, she developed a profound interest that pushed her to pursue a Master’s degree in Environmental Sciences and Management. After completing her thesis in the USA, Joelle started her career working with the non-profit sector to eventually carve a niche for herself in the corporate sustainability space.


As a leader, Saab’s greatest strength lies in her empathy, a quality that fosters trust within her team. She firmly believes that trust forms the cornerstone of empowering and honest relationships among colleagues and team members. This trust, she asserts, is fundamental to enhancing collaboration and productivity. Furthermore, Joelle advocates for considering the triple bottom line, urging companies to prioritise social and environmental concerns alongside profits. From a team standpoint, she endeavours to inspire and motivate, cultivating a collaborative environment where creativity and excellence thrive. Leveraging her proven talent for identifying and nurturing individuals, she believes in empowering her team to realise their full potential and contribute to the organisation’s overall success.


Looking towards the future, Saab envisions a world where communities of diverse backgrounds embrace waste as a valuable resource through education and awareness initiatives. Her ultimate aspiration is to leave a positive impact on future generations, challenging stereotypes by demonstrating that being a woman in this industry is a catalyst for change, even in traditionally male-dominated sectors. As she advances in her career, her primary focus lies in channelling her energy towards what truly ignites her passion, which is positively influencing environmental challenges.


On a personal level, Saab finds fulfilment in public speaking and engaging in thought-provoking discussions and speaks three languages: French, Arabic and English fluently. Moreover, she enjoys reading, painting, hiking, running and playing golf in her free time. Her appetite for travel has taken her to over 30 countries, shaping her perspective and enriching her personality along the way. Her time in Hawaii saw her spend time with the indigenous people and see their connection to their native land and resources – and how the protection of the environment is engrained in their culture – something she found particularly impactful.