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Dulsco’s graduate training programme grows, provides new avenues for Emirati talent

16 August, 2023

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates: Dubai-based Dulsco Group, a leader in People Solutions, Environmental Solutions, Talent Solutions and Energy Recruitment Solutions, has proudly announced the upcoming second intake of its Dulsco Graduate Training Programme, reinforcing its commitment to Emiratisation and providing a pathway to permanent, non-traditional private sector employment for Emirati graduates.

The Dulsco Graduate Training Programme, launched in January 2023, is a prestigious 12-month scheme that offers a blend of classroom learning and on-the-job training, ensuring successful participants emerge well-prepared to take on full-time roles at Dulsco. This second cohort involves a significant increase in the number of candidates, doubling from 12 in the first intake, to 26 graduates.

Ahmed Hasan, who joined as Emiratisation Manager at Dulsco on 1 May this year is responsible for the recruitment and management of the programmme, as well as identifying and nurturing local talent more broadly across the Dulsco Group. In the past two months alone, Ahmed has played a pivotal role in hiring 26 UAE national employees, contributing to a total of 86 Emirati team members currently employed at Dulsco.