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Medical Waste Collection Services

Medical waste management in the UAE is crucial as the practice of haphazardly dumping medical waste can pose a serious threats and hazards to the health and safety of communities.

Dulsco WMS has realised the vital importance of Medical waste management in the UAE. We have designed a custom made vehicle for the collection and disposal of medical waste disposal from hospitals and clinics in Dubai and elsewhere in the UAE.

Drivers and helpers of the medical waste management service:

  • Are highly trained and equipped with personal protective equipment such as medical gloves, aprons, masks, uniforms, safety shoes, etc.
  • Adhere stringently to safety and hygiene standards when collecting medical waste.

Known for our commitment to environmental issues, we also provide biodegradable bags for waste collection. Sharp boxes ideally used for disposable syringes, scissors as well as the standardized yellow coloured bags and waste bins are also supplied to customers upon request.