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Waste Treatment, Processing and Recycling


Waste treatment, processing, and recycling play crucial roles in managing and minimising the environmental impact of waste materials. At Dulsco Environment, we remain committed to delivering the highest level of sustainable environmental solutions to organisations and people across UAE. Dulsco Environment’s transformation from a waste transporter to a waste treatment solutions provider has been driven by the government’s focus on sustainability and the creation of a circular economy, combined with a well-strategised, technology-driven directive from within the business itself.
Dulsco Environment seeks to play a leading national role in implementing sustainable infrastructure for the future, ensuring that our values are applied through investment, expertise and education in circular economy best practices and recycling projects.
We champion new technologies and processes to repurpose waste and create a better future for everyone through innovative practices based on circular economy principles, thus reducing our impact on the planet. Our facilities listed below demonstrate Dulsco Environment’s unwavering commitment to delivering sustainable waste management and environmental solutions and supporting the UAE’s Circular Economy Policy and Net Zero 2050 initiatives.


    Dulsco Environment operates a cutting-edge MRF that enables the recovery of waste and its transformation into a valuable resource for both businesses and the environment. With a processing capacity exceeding 80,000 tonnes per year, this facility is designed to segregate dry mixed recyclables, successfully recovering more than 36 different types of materials.


    Under a unique agreement with the UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment, Dulsco has constructed, owns, and operates waste processing plants for construction and demolition waste recycling in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain, which are exclusively managed by their respective municipalities. By recycling C&D waste into aggregates and sub-base for use in the construction industry, C&D plants in Ajman and Umm Al Quwain have enabled organisations to comply with the directive that mandates the use of up to 40% recycled material from C&D recycling facilities. Dulsco Environment’s C&D recycling facilities ensure 100% diversion of C&D waste away from landfills in UAQ and Ajman.


    Dulsco Environment implemented an oil recycling facility in Jebel Ali that conforms to MARPOL standards, to cater to marine and oil sectors providing treatment for various types of oily sludge, slop oil and wastewater thus preventing marine pollution; with final products including fuel oil, blended fuel products and irrigation quality water to be used by vessels, cements industries amongst others.


    The waste to fuel plant has an innovative processing methodology that treats waste to produce an alternative fuel product. The plant has the capacity to process more than 70,000 tons of waste per annum – which is the equivalent of 7,000 garbage trucks diverted away from landfill. The waste is pre-treated before being processed and the output product conveniently serves as a fuel feed to power the plant itself or is used by cement and other factories as an environmentally friendly and more sustainable alternative to natural gas.