Environmental Education and Awareness


Environmental education and awareness play crucial roles in fostering sustainable development and addressing the pressing environmental challenges facing our planet. We place great importance on education as a means of providing the communities with the opportunities they need for establishing sustainable living environments.

In order to spread environmental awareness we participate in national and global environment initiatives like Global Recycling Day, Earth Hour, World Environment Day, Earth Day, World Clean Up Day where we carry out several sessions and campaigns. We partner with various stakeholders such as the UN, and Expo 2020 Dubai to impart knowledge to the educational institutions and communities about minimising waste and the various ways of diverting away from landfill.

Dulsco Environment also participates in multiple clean-up and plantation drives across the UAE, so as to support UAE’s commitment to planting 100 million mangroves by 2030. Other initiatives include Community Engagement Events to spread awareness at recreational centres and shopping areas, as well as the introduction of the Dulsco Recycling Bus and Dulsco Mascot Birdy, which were very well received.


    The Recycling Bus is a pioneering initiative launched by Dulsco Environment. The bus is a 20-year-old commercial vehicle previously used to transport Dulscans from their accommodations to their work locations. As the bus was used for its expected lifespan a decision was taken to scrap it. However, our own inhouse workshop team took it up as a project and have recycled the bus to become what it has today: a moving recycling bin that spreads educational awareness.
    Dulsco Environment’s Recycling Bus, has aimed to set a benchmark in the field of waste management, recycling, education, and development. The bus travels around various establishments such as schools, offices, supermarkets, accommodations, malls, educating people about the importance of recycling and encouraging them to make it a part of their daily routine.

    For more information please contact : 800WASTE(92783) or waste@dulsco.com.


    Our company aims to foster environmental consciousness within the wider community by organising a series of informative and engaging sessions, encompassing presentations and educational workshops, that focus primarily on crucial environmental issues such as the effect of waste mis-management and imparting practical knowledge on effective segregation at source and recycling strategies and their implementation in various settings. These sessions are adapted to different public including school students, janitors, office staff, C-suite executives.

    For more information please contact : 800WASTE(92783) or waste@dulsco.com.