Onshore and Offshore Tank Cleaning

The Dulsco East Coast office undertakes both onshore and offshore tank cleaning. We employ a formidable combination of resources to complete each task, including state-of-the-art equipment such as air compressors, de-mucking winches, air lights and air blowers. World-class processes are provided as well, along with a huge multi-skilled workforce with the experience to handle every conceivable task. Our list of high profile clients bears testimony to our exemplary service: V Ships (UK, Singapore, Monaco), Overseas Shipholding Group (UK), Thom Ship Management (Singapore), Neda Maritime (Greece), EMS Ship Management (Singapore), Dubai World, Vela International, ITM, Mid East Ship Management, Nico International, Albwardy, Vopak, Fujairah Refinery, amongst others.

We serve the busiest anchorages of the UAE at great speeds and also offer riding crews that ensure the operation of our services on a global scale. We also undertake transportation of oily sludge for treatment and disposal as per the applicable local regulations.

Our offshore workforce includes riggers, welders, fabricators, mechanics, foremen and supervisors. Our activities also include onshore & offshore manpower supplied, de-mucking and de-slopping, ship repairs, oil spill response and force protection, and waste management services.

Our East Coast office also undertakes a sizable amount of tank-cleaning jobs for offshore vessels. We have over 100 experienced tank cleaners stationed here. We ensure that these men are physically fit, trained to work in confined spaces, efficient, hard-working and self-motivated – qualities that are vital to take on such monumental tasks.

Categories Outsourced:

  • Supervisors
  • Foremen
  • Tank Cleaners & Riding crew


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