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Dulsco, has a long and rich history of more than seven decades. With corporate offices in Dubai, the company has witnessed this city’s transformation from a small fishing village to an attractive, modern metropolis and is proud to be part of its spectacular growth. The company has grown with the region and has established itself as a premier service provider offering Human Resource Solutions and Waste Management Services.

Dulsco has consolidated its position as a market leader with a clear corporate vision and continues to grow on quality, professionalism and business ethics. Dulsco believe that success comes from stability and an ethical way of conducting business that inculcate throughout the organization.

Dulsco Dubai provides the following services:


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HR Solutions

Waste Management Services

  • P.O Box 62737, Dubai, UAE
  • Tel: +971-4–3417571
  • Toll Free: 800 WASTE (92783)
  • Fax: +971-4–3417671
  • E-mail: waste@dulsco.ae


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