Training and Learning Programmes         

Dulsco - A Learning Organization

Dulsco strives to be a learning organisation by encouraging a collaborative learning environment. We strive to make this happen in different ways. The company aims to transform itself through the application of learning, led by the attitudes and behaviours of its management team.

Self Learning: All employees are encouraged to learn at every opportunity and implement their learning in areas that will benefit the company.

Formal Leaning through E-ducate: Dulsco's E-learning Academy, E-ducate offers immense benefits through online learning. E-ducate offers multiple programs and courses that employees can take up at their own convenience and complete at their comfortable pace. Read more

Dulsco's human resources philosophy believes that the principle of renewal empowers the employees to experience an upward spiral of growth, change and continuous improvement. This requires us to learn, commit and progress. By following these principles, we have started the journey as a learning organisation


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