A Great Place To Work

Dulsco is one of the Great Places to Work for in the UAE. We owe it to the positive responses of Dulsco staff members to the Trust Index survey conducted by the Great Place to Work Institute, a global research and management consultancy. Employees of Dulsco consider themselves privileged to work for the company. They take pride and pleasure in belonging to Dulsco, an organization that truly cares about their welfare and helps them grow both professionally and personally.

When you work or intern at Dulsco, you

  • Become part of a great organization – one of the Great Places to Work For in the UAE
    Reference: Top Companies to Work for in the UAE 2017
  • Get to work with more than 12,000 employees, ranging from professionals, specialists, technicians, skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled categories from around 20 nationalities
  • Get to enhance your skills in a competitive and team focused environment
  • Get your capabilities assessed and skills constantly honed through the Talent Management Programme
  • Can improve your prospects of exploring new areas within the company with additional training and by learning new skills
  • Can strive for and achieve various Employee Awards that will motivate you to do better
  • Get access to Dulsco Sports Club which is one of the most comprehensive employee-based club of its kind in the UAE. The club is an extension of our commitment to the welfare, sports and recreational aspirations of employees.
  • Can participate and support the various Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives 
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Internship Programme        

Internships can prove invaluable as you develop your career; be it to explore your career options or should you seek work experience to boost your resume.

Give yourself a head start. We are in constant lookout for ambitious, innovative and motivated graduates. It is an opportunity to put learning into practice and understanding various functions in the field of HR, Customer Service, Accounts/Finance, IT, Sales and Marketing. Internships at Dulsco are designed to bring the best out of students which helps them contribute to the business growth and their personal career growth.

Importantly, it also rewards personal achievement and contribution. You will be given full support and training and will have the chance to work in a competitive and team focused environment.

Come, be a part of our Internship programme – the best start to your corporate career. So if you are student or just graduated and looking for an opportunity to be associated with us, please send your details to joinus@dulsco.com

Training and Learning Programmes         

Dulsco - A Learning Organization

Dulsco strives to be a learning organisation by encouraging a collaborative learning environment. We strive to make this happen in different ways. The company aims to transform itself through the application of learning, led by the attitudes and behaviours of its management team.

Self Learning: All employees are encouraged to learn at every opportunity and implement their learning in areas that will benefit the company.

Formal Leaning through E-ducate: Dulsco's E-learning Academy, E-ducate offers immense benefits through online learning. E-ducate offers multiple programs and courses that employees can take up at their own convenience and complete at their comfortable pace. Read more

Dulsco's human resources philosophy believes that the principle of renewal empowers the employees to experience an upward spiral of growth, change and continuous improvement. This requires us to learn, commit and progress. By following these principles, we have started the journey as a learning organisation

Rewards & Recognition

Best Employee Awards

It has always been a Dulsco priority to recognise contributions and extend appreciation to employees striving for the best in this challenging yet positive work environment. Monthly best Employee Awards have been implemented across all divisions.

Employee Spot Awards

Employee Spot Awards have been introduced, offering instant recognition of a job well done in the areas of cost reduction, revenue enhancement, housekeeping, exemplary conduct, good customer service and meritorious sporting achievements. These bring intrinsic and extrinsic motivation to the winners as well as having a positive impact on all other employees in the company.

Client Appreciation Awards

Satisfying customers is a goal progressive companies reinforce and recognise. In the manpower oriented industry, the services of the outsourced employees are an important means of satisfying customers. The services they provide to clients speak for the customer-focused standards of companies such as Dulsco.

Dulsco Great Place to Work