With so many Construction projects under way in the Middle East, flexible, reliable and efficient solutions for your manpower outsourcing requirements is essential.


Simply put, our employees are better trained, better managed and better looked after than those from other vendors.


Every line manager undergoes internationally recognised health and safety training. And every new employee undergoes an immediate half-day health and safety induction, supported by technical training and, throughout the year, yet more follow-up. Over a year, this adds up to thousands of hours of training.


Why do we invest so heavily in our people? Because it improves their capabilities and performance, and minimises the chances of on-site accidents.


We provide non-skilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers including:

  • General helpers
  • Carpenters, painters, electricians, mechanics, masons, welders, fabricators, plumbers and steel fixers
  • Drivers — light & heavy-duty drivers, mini bus drivers, heavy bus drivers, motorcyclists, forklift operators and heavy equipment operators
  • Warehouse operators
  • Waiters, office boys and assistants


Every employee is provided with:

  •  Sponsorship
  • Accommodation and transport
  • Medical insurance and care
  • Payroll and attendance management services
  • Other benefits as per UAE labour law
  • Sports and recreation facilities