It all started when we built our first hand sorting recycling facility in support of the UAE’s 2021 vision of reducing waste tipped into landfills by 75%. With our original facility already exceeding capacity, we are building a brand new, semi-automatic waste sorting and recycling plant at DIC. The new site will be able to sort 5 tons of waste every hour, or over 100 tons a day and, in its ideal location close to the Expo site, is perfectly positioned to handle the recyclables for Expo 2020.


The UAE has always been a modern, forward-looking country. It’s environmental target of diverting more than 75% of waste away from landfills by 2021 is a testament to the commitment it has to promoting sustainable solutions for its communities.
At Dulsco, we support and embrace this commitment to Eco-friendly solutions, and we are determined to inject sustainable solutions into every community we serve. To make them cleaner, greener, and more pleasant to live in.
Our turnkey environmental solutions offer organisations, educational institutions and residential communities:

  • Collection and transport of recyclables
  • Waste sorting, segregation, treatment and recycling
  • Provision of bins and related equipment
  • Reporting and Analysis
  • Customised education and awareness programs

We currently remove and recycle:

  • Paper, newspapers, cardboards and other waste papers
  • Plastics, including water bottles, containers and lids
  • Aluminium drinks cans and food tins
  • Other metals
  • Glass
  • Used Cooking Oil from restaurants and food outlets
  • Engine oil
  • Used CFL bulbs and tubes
  • All recyclable waste


Let us help your organisation meet its “green” aspirations with our flexible corporate waste and recycling programmes which offer:

  • Custom recycling and waste management programs tailored to your organisation’s needs
  • Monthly waste audits and analysis
  • Employee education and awareness programs periodically implemented to build and increase recycling awareness



We offer a comprehensive selection of recycling resources, including:

  • Colour-Coded bins in multiple sizes
  • Custom-made bins for placement at particular sites
  • Colour-Coded cages made to Municipality guidelines and designed to allow easier collection and transport of recyclable materials
  • Drums for used cooking oil
  • A fleet of custom-built vehicles for transporting all kinds of recyclables


Collecting and disposing of your community’s waste is only half the job. At Dulsco, we’re determined to find innovative new ways to recycle that waste or turn it into useable energy.

As part of the UAE government’s 2021 target to reduce waste tipped into landfill sites by 75%, Dulsco has built its own multi-million dollar fine-waste recycling plant. The reusable materials and recycled energy it creates has reduced the waste it sends to landfill sites by 20% (5% above the government’s target for the year, and three times higher than any other waste solution provider’s capabilities).