The health and wellbeing of a workforce is critical to the success of every organization. Which is why we are proud to offer some of the best healthcare services available in the region. 
Dulsco Medical Services operates two fully equipped, state-of-the-art clinics and two pharmacies with a team of highly qualified and experienced physicians, pharmacists and caring professionals. Our facilities are conveniently located in Dulsco Village, Al Qouz Industrial Area 4 and Dubai Industrial Park (formerly DIC).
Dulsco Medical Services caters to over 12,000 Dulsco employees, as well as corporate clients, insurance and walk-in patients.
The clinics and pharmacies offer top-of-the-line outpatient medical treatment, investigatory and community pharmacy services to all patients. We also offer off-shore and on-shore medical services to the crew members of most ships that visit the UAE. Our facilities are open every day, including Fridays from 8am to 10pm and are recognized by most major insurance companies.

    Facilities offered at the Dulsco Medical Clinic:
    • Outpatient consultations
    • Visiting specialist doctors
    • Health check-up
    • Laboratory
    • X-ray (radiology)
    • Pharmacy
    • Empaneled with major insurance companies
    • Ample parking
    • Separate waiting areas for men and women
    • Handicap friendly
    Other Medical Services:
    • Provision of end-to-end medical services in the UAE
    • Occupational health and fitness certifications
    • Medical chest inspection and certification for ships / vessels
    • Drug screening tests
    • Vaccinations
    • Health counseling
    • Specialized healthcare services for onshore and offshore companies
    • Medical services for events and sports
    • Doctor and paramedic site / home visits
    • Medicines & first aid items
    Wellness Workshops:

    We also conduct workshops for corporate employees to improve their overall wellness.
    Workshops conducted: General Health Awareness, Occupational Health and Hygiene Awareness, Chronic Diseases, Health Risks in the Workplace, First Aid and Safety, Work Specific Hazards: Prevention & Cure.


    Dulsco Medical Services have proven capabilities in the following areas:
    • Healthcare Management Contracts
    • Corporate Medical Outsourcing Contracts
    • On-site Clinic Operations
    • On-call Medical Services

    Working Hours:

    All Days including Fridays and public holidays: 8 am to 10 pm.
    Contact Details for appointment and information:

    Dulsco Village Premises, Al Quoz Industrial Area-4
    Tel: +971 4 323 2442
    Fax: +971 4 323 2339
    Pharmacy: +971 4 323 2442 Ext: 323
    Dubai Industrial Park (formerly DIC) Branch
    Tel: +971 4 4219354
    Fax: +971 4 323 2339
    Pharmacy: +971 4 4216584
    24 hours Hotline: +971 50 6513450