Powering better communities

We are Dulsco, and we provide solutions that make the communities we serve more productive, efficient, sustainable and better to live in.
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Our Story
The Dulsco story began over 84 years ago – as always, by finding a solution to a problem.
 A British trading ship at anchor in the Arabian Gulf needed able bodied men to help bring its cargo of foodstuffs and clothing ashore. 
It was Mohammed Khan Abdulla Mirza Abdulla – father of previous Dulsco Chairman Abdul Aziz Mohammed Khan Abdulla – who supplied the men for the job
 At Dulsco, we still consider ourselves to be the region’s first stevedoring company. But today, it is just one of thousands of people solutions and environmental solutions we provide to more than 3,500 companies and organizations across the Middle East.
Our Solutions
One thing holds true for every client. No matter what services we provide, we guarantee to deliver solutions that drive productivity & performance and create happier, more sustainable and more productive communities for all.

We believe that the most valuable assets in any community are its people. Providing and safeguarding professionally trained employees to build, manage, maintain and work in those communities is at the centre of everything we do.

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At Dulsco, no matter what type of waste materials we are hired to dispose of – solid, liquid, hazardous, non-hazardous, residential, industrial, medical or oil waste – we’ll always find an environmentally responsible solution for the problem.

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managed solutions

From maintenance, medical services and labour accommodation, to auto repair shops, fabrication and industrial cleaning services, our support services are as varied as the client base we serve.

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New Sanitization Solutions

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Dulsco Response to COVID-19 As we continue to serve our customers in these challenging times; the health and safety of our employees remains our utmost priority and it is key to help us implement our business continuity plan. What are we doing in these critical times to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 outbreak...

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