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Dulsco WMS launches break through technology in cleaning services 

Grease Trap Cleaning Services: Dulsco is now authorized to employ highly skilled technicians and provide kitchen grease trap cleaning services. Adhering to all Dubai municipality rules, licensing and regulations these services are offered to restaurants, hotels, food courts, kitchens and accommodations. 

Grease traps hold the waste that flows through the sinks in kitchens. In an industrial or commercial environment, time pressures force kitchen staff to dispose waste such as oil or food down the sink. A build up of waste products in this area can cause overflows, blocked and damaged drains and foul odours, along with a high volume of grease being deposited into the municipality sewer lines or sewer holding tanks which may lead to receiving warning notifications or fines from local authorities. Grease trap maintenance is crucial to combating these problems. Our highly trained technicians pump out the grease and clean the tanks & filters to ensure efficient drainage, and a longer life for piping and plumbing technology.

Finding a grease servicing company that specializes in and performs all the various tasks of Grease Trap / Interceptor Cleaning, Hydro Jetting, Used Cooking Oil / Grease Collection, and Hot Water Pressure Washing is rare indeed. In addition to grease trap cleaning, we also carry out sewage network cleaning & other complex tank cleaning operations.


The Road Sweeper: Dulsco WMS has launched the Industrial Dulevo 5000 Roadsweeper specially designed for cleaning public streets, large industrial areas and resorts. A road sweeper offers a lot of advantages over the conventional methods of manual cleaning. Regular manual sweeping can be a time consuming and tedious task.  A road sweeper allows you to effectively cover the entire area in a day. It drastically reduces the number of waste disposals thus avoiding waste collection in separate bags. This cleaning method has also proven to be gentler on the environment. 

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