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Dulsco is a pioneering UAE-based limited liability company with over 83 years of experience in the regional business environment. With a workforce of over 14,000 employees, the company has grown with the region and has established itself as a premier service provider.

The Dulsco story began over 83 years ago – as always, by finding a solution to a problem. A British trading ship at anchor in the Arabian Gulf needed able bodied men to help bring its cargo of foodstuffs and clothing ashore. It was Mohammed Khan Abdulla Mirza Abdulla – father of present Dulsco Chairman Abdul Aziz Mohammed Khan Abdulla – who supplied the men for the job. At Dulsco, we still consider ourselves to be the region’s first stevedoring company. But today, it is just one of thousands of people solutions and environmental solutions we provide to more than 3,500 companies and organizations across the Middle East.
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